An act of kindness inspires
Be a drop that creates a ripple.

Do you sometimes think: ” My efforts are not able to make any difference, because there are way too many people in need and the problem is too overwhelming”? Then remember that none of us can fix all the problems in the world. It is, however, already worth our efforts if we can improve the life of one child.

In case you wonder:”But I don’t think I have any special skills….how can I help and make a difference?”….

By volunteering some time, each of us, including YOU, can make a big difference on the lives of others! The inner satisfaction and richness gained from this process is far beyond your expectations.
Even when you think that you don’t have the right qualifications to help, then just sit down for a minute, read the inspiring Indian story about 2 pots (click here) and realize that each of us has unique abilities, and an enormous potential.

We always welcome volunteers, and are always looking for new ideas and suggestions, including new ideas for fundraising projects! You too can make an incredible difference in the life of so many children, who are so appreciative of our efforts to help. 

Stay informed and spread the word about our work:

  • Join our e-mail list and Facebook to keep informed of the latest news.
  • Spread the word: tell your friends and relatives about our work, and encourage them to also join our e-mail list and facebook page.
  • We can also provide you with pamphlets, powerpoint presentations and other materials that you can use if you like to give a presentation about our work.
  • Organize a movie screening of our award-winning documentary “GFCOORG narrated by Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons, and use it as an opportunity for further discussions.

What are possible ways to raise funds?

You can organize fundraisers with your school, parish, youth group or family. Use your creativity to come up with fun ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Dedicate your birthday or another event as a special occasion to ask your friends to donate some money to one of GFCOORG’s programs.
    • It is easy to create an online fundraising page, just click on the button below to get started:

    • Create a fundraiser on Facebook: create a post, add a donate button, and select Sahaya International as the beneficiary.
  • If you work for a company, inquire if they participate in matching charitable contributions. If the company requests additional information of gfcoorg International, do not hesitate to reach out to us (e-mail us at admin@gfcoorg.org).
  • You can include gfcoorg International in your planned giving/planned legacy program. 
  • Donate an old car: if you or someone you know plans to get rid of their car, they can donate it to gfcoorg .
  • You can buy or sell the beautifully embroidered greeting cards whenever you meet friends and relatives. They also make excellent presents that can be framed.
  • Everybody has a jar at home with lots of money change…..ask your friends to donate that change….which together can make a big difference!
  • Ask your club (youth group, book club) to sponsor a child together. For example, if your group has 15 members, only 7 cents per member per day gives $30 per month….enough to sponsor a needy child in India or Africa.
  • You can host a party with:
    • food and drinks
    • a slide or movie presentation
    • a silent auction
    • a “date” auction
    • music and dance
    • games with prizes donated by local businesses
  • A yard sale of items that you or your friends no longer need.
  • You can raise funds without any expense to you with little effort from the comfort of sitting at your computer.
    • Consider shopping via AmazonSmile (which is part of Amazon, so you find the same product deals and discounts). A few percent of your purchase will be donated to Sahaya Internation