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What the Omnibus Spending Bill Means for Children and Youth

The passing of this bipartisan bill comes at a pivotal time when families nationwide, regardless of racial, economic, and social background, are rising out of unforeseen, unprecedented, and unpredictable circumstances

Reproductive Justice, Human Agency, and Child Well-Being


The overturning of Roe vs. Wade in the Dobbs vs. Jackson decision undoes two generations of freedom work by subjugating birthing bodies and forcing them to face a future without choice


The Children’s Christmas party is back this year with more vibes and great fun!
Christmas party is one of those very big events that the children look up to right from the beginning of the year. For the past 2 years, the children have been missing the Christmas party and are very excited to have it back this year.

The Christmas party will take place on 15th December, 2022 and will be attended by 180 vulnerable children from different slums of Kampala and mainly Katanga slum.

This year’s Christmas party will bring back the spirit of excitement, joy, love and create remarkable Christmas memories among the children. The children will enjoy a variety of delicious meals and soft drinks, candy, cut the Christmas cake, engage in different fun activities, jump in the bouncing castles, enjoy performances from the Help Africa Children’s Choir and also have ice cream for the first time at the party which many of them take long to have or have not had before.
The budget for this year’s Christmas party is $2666 USD (10,000,000).

We kindly call upon all our beloved sponsors and friends to join us in this campaign with your donations in cash or in-kind as we restore the spirit of fun, excitement, love, fun and togetherness among the children as they celebrate this year’s Christmas. Together we can make this a success!

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